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How to order your essential oils starter kit

The fact that you are here means you are ready to start this new journey so let’s get started! If at any point you have questions or need help, send me a message!

By signing up through me today you will get:

-Over 400.00 value in Young Living Essential oils &  products via your chosen starter kit

-Instant access to a facebook community full of resources, friendship & the ability to ask any questions along your journey. 

-Happy snail-mail welcome to the crew package with some extra goodies that I will keep a surprise. 

-A personal link through YL  that you can send to your friends + family when they see you fall in love with oils & want some too!

-Sign up for Essential Rewards and you will get $10 back in store credit on YL Simply click yes with your starter kit (you can change this option once you sign up if you decide later you don’t want ER service.. 

Now let’s get you signed up! Follow these 5 steps below

Step one: Let’s get started

Click this link here to begin:  HERE

You will be taken to the Young Living website. Now click Get Started; Wholesale status- this means you will get 24% off retail price *no other strings attached with this!

Step two: The fun part- Choose your kit!

Select the starter kit you would like.  I do recommend the premium starter kit to get started. This is how our family got started on our chemical free journey. You can pick between the Desert Mist Diffuser or the Dewdrop Diffuser or (if available) upgrade to the Aria diffuser. 

Step Three: Essential Rewards

Check the box to use the Premium Starter Kit  as your first essential rewards order & automatically get $10 back in store credit (this is the credit I mentioned above)! Now, you can  set up a monthly wellness box. This service has made natural-living easy & sustainable for our family! Not to mention a box of amazing items  that show up at your door every month like clockwork, plus points back in your YL account & opportunity of free products—-So much fun! 

This is optional -You can cancel at any time no pressure to stay on it, but I just know you will love it! 

Step Four:

 It will ask you to set up your essential rewards order for the next month now. Here are a few suggestions for what you can order for next month 

Step Five: Membership Information

If you are not ready to sign up for essential rewards just hit “no” and continue filling out your info. Congratulations,  you are in! 

Under the section Sponsor/Enroller Information:

Put my number 29053565 as both the Sponsor + Enroller

Once complete you should receive confirmation emails from YL for the sign up. You will then receive a welcome email from me and be added into our community group on Facebook.

I am so excited to start this journey with you!  

Warmly- Samantha

 Some Questions you may have getting started:

What are Essential oils? 

From Young Living:  “Experience singular notes of pure bliss. These powerful essential oils, lovingly extracted from farm-grown plants and herbs, bring out the very best in you each and every day. Enjoy the effects of each scent, from soothing Lavender to stimulating Peppermint. Our high-quality essential oils are the key to a truly authentic aromatherapy experience.”

Do I have to sell Essential Oils now? 

Not at all. So many people on our team are just consumers of these plant powered bottles, but if you find yourself wanting to share them with all your friends + you want to earn some extra money I am happy to help you get started!

Do I have to buy every month?

No, you do not have to order every month. Our community and Young Living itself really inspires you & helps to educate how to use your oils.  Do not sign up for the monthly auto-ship program (Essential Rewards) until you fall in love with your oils and are comfortable doing so,  which is only in a matter of time.

Can I cancel Essential Rewards after I sign up?

Yes. Young Living’s customer service & return policy is easy peasy. You won’t have to sign your life & paycheck away to young living or their products. It is a month to month basis & no cancellation fee! BUT once you start seeing rewards points back, free product, & feel the convenience of products showing up on your front door step, I just know you’re going to love it!

What if I don’t like my essential oils?

The love of the oily lifestyle and using your oils will only spark once you receive and actually use them! Smell them, diffuse them, clean with them, sleep better or feel better because of using them. It can become overwhelming if you let it with all the options. Start with small steps, read your getting started with oils guide from YL and I just know you will notice a positivity from them. 

I am here for you every step of the way! Get that starter kit and give those magical plant bottles a try! 

Have a question or just want to say hi? Send me a message!

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